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“The Net Result:Our Evolving Fisheries” History Conference @ U Maine Hutchinson Center
Apr 8 @ 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

This year’s History Conference delves into statement: Human innovation and technology have proven to be too successful for the health of our fisheries and our local ecosystem.  Our line-up of scientists, historians, journalists, activists, consumers and fishermen will answer the question:

How did this happen and what do we do now?

The History of Overfishing: the Price of Efficiency
Jeffrey Bolster, University of New Hampshire Professor of History

Jeffrey Bolster brings historical context to the present issues facing the fishing industry.  As author of The Mortal Sea: Fishing the Atlantic in the Age of Sail, he shows that while the eradication of fish has gone on for centuries, the impact of fishing in the 20th century has been devastating.

Taking Stock: the Story Data Tells About Our Fisheries
Ted Ames, Fisheries Ecologist & Co-founder of Penobscot East Resource Center

Using catch data from historic fishing logs and other sources, marine ecologists have tracked the decline in fishing stocks as the use of more efficient fishing technology rose.  Ted Ames, a fisherman and historical fisheries ecology researcher, whose work in marine conservation earned him a MacArthur Fellowship, looks at the past and present scientific data on the groundfish stock and predicts future trends if conservation measures are adopted or ignored.

The Search for Consensus: Sustaining the Fisheries
Peter Neill, Director of World Ocean Observatory

Peter Neill has been advocating for the health and sustainability of our oceans through numerous means of communication. He will discuss the evolution of the scientist-fishery harvester conversation and initiatives by each to address sustainability issues and meet conservation objectives imposed by regulatory bodies.

Groundfish Policy in Maine: a Retrospective
Patrick Shepard, Fisheries Policy Associate at Penobscot East Resource Center

Fisheries policy and conservation have not always been synonymous in our history. Patrick Shepard walks us through the major turning points in the groundfish regulations and brings us the current crossroad in policy as we plot the future of this historically important fishery.

Gastronomy and the Sea: Our Changing Tastes
Nancy Harmon Jenkins, Food Historian and Writer

The seafood, we as humans consume, has evolved over time based on the availability of the resource locally and through Trans-Oceanic trading webs, as well as the latest culinary trends. Food historian Nancy Harmon Jenkins charts the rise and fall of salt fish, sardine on crackers and other seafood favorites from the past, discusses current seafood consumption and predicts future seafood culinary trends.

Turning the Tide on Decline: The Fisherman’s Perspective
Glen Libby, Manager of Port Clyde Fresh Catch and co-author of Caught: time, place, fish

As a fisherman, Mr. Libby has seen how the technological revolution has impacted how and where fishermen fish over a period of several decades. Not all of these advances were good from a sustainable fisheries perspective but we are now learning how to use technology to enhance the recovery of our groundfish fishery here in Maine.

Documenting the Evolution: National Fisherman
Dave Jackson, former publisher of National Fisherman

National Fisherman has been the periodical of record for the fishing industry for over 65 years, providing context for today’s hot button issues in the industry. Former publisher Dave Jackson, using photographs from the periodical’s pages, will explore how National Fisherman documented the technological evolution in the fisheries and the resulting ecological and social effects.

11th Int’l Conference on Lobster Biology & Management @ Holiday Inn by the Bay
Jun 4 @ 3:00 pm – Jun 9 @ 5:00 pm

These conferences are held every 3 to 5 years.  Participation has risen and held at approximately 200 lobster biologists, oceanographers, lobstermen, and fisheries managers coming from 20 countries.   Subsequent ICWLs have been held in Saint Andrews, Canada (1985); La Habana, Cuba (1990); Sanriku, Japan (1993); Queenstown, New Zealand (1997); Key West, Florida USA (2000); Hobart, Australia (2004); Charlottetown, PEI, Canada (2007); Bergen, Norway (2011); and Cancun, Mexico (2014). 

Check out the schedule of events here:–program.html

Also relevant is Industry Day

Science & Industry Day

The Science & Industry Day offers an opportunity for lobstermen, lobster dealers and distributors, biologists, and managers from around the world to get together to talk about how lobster populations are responding to our changing oceans.  Sharing of ideas amongst these groups can help pinpoint new areas of research, encourage collaborations between scientists and fishermen who are out on the sea every day, and can help managers better respond to the needs of both lobster populations and those reliant on such populations for a living.

This day of the conference is organized and led by leaders in the fishing industry.  We hope that fishermen, dealers, and others in the lobster fishing industry will consider joining us.  If you would like to suggest sessions of interest to industry or speakers we should consider inviting, please contact one of the members of the Industry Day Technical Committee:  Curt Brown of Ready Seafood Company & Co-Chair,  Patrice McCarron of the Maine Lobstermen’s Association, Beth Casoni of the MA Lobstermen’s Association, Cathy Billings of The Lobster Institute, or Jean Lavallee from Canada’s Aquatic Sciences & Health Services.

Current plans for the day include:
Opening Remarks by Pat Keliher (Commissioner, Maine DMR) & David Cousens (Lobsterman & MLA President)
Session on Collaborative Research:

  • New Zealand Representatives
  • Anna Malek (CFRF)
  • Melanie Giffin (PEI Fishermen’s Association)
  • Shannon Tibbets (or other FSRS Representative)
  • Bob Bayer (The Lobster Institute)

Session on Industry/Market Perspectives:

  • Dave Casoni (Lobsterman)
  • Brendan Ready (Ready Seafood)
  • John Garland (Clearwater Seafood)
  • Josh Stoll (UMaine)
  • Luke Holden (Luke’s Lobster) 
  • Frank Sun – pending

Many thanks to Daryl Sykes of the New Zealand Rock Lobster Industry Council for helping to sponsor this day.