Survey Participants Needed Zones A and B

Kylie Bragdon is conducting a survey about the educational needs of lobstermen in Downeast Maine. Here is your chance to share your opinion about what  parts of education matter for a life on the water.

If you are aged 18 – 48 and fish out of Washington or Hancock counties and have 10 or 15 minutes to complete a survey, please contact Kylie at or 207-266-8590.  The survey can be completed online or in paper form.

The University of New England
The Role of Education in Maine’s Lobstering Industry

Volunteers Wanted for a Research Study

Purpose: To capture current lobstermen’s perspectives on what skills are most
valuable to lobstermen, and to understand how schools may contribute to their
Eligibility: Seeking current lobster license holders in Washington and Hancock
counties, ages 18-48.
Benefits: This study will provide lobstermen with a rare opportunity for their
perspectives regarding their educational needs to be documented.
Contact Information: To learn more about this research or to get involved please
contact the 207-266-8590 or send a message to .

Principal Investigator: This study is being conducted by Kylie Bragdon, located
at 85 Newman Street, in Winter Harbor Maine. This research is conducted under
the direction of Michelle Collay and Kim Morandi-Roberts, faculty members in the
Department of Education at the University of New England.