Kennebec River Sinking Basin Dredge: Nov-Dec

We have been advised that lobster fishing gear DOES need to be moved.

Submergence dredging operations will occur during daylight hours in the Kennebec River at Bath Iron Works (BIW) on or about November 2-December 10, 2020.  Dredging will occur in BIW’s Dry Dock Submergence Basin, which is located due east of the dry dock berth and immediately south of Buoy 34 in the Kennebec River. 

Spoils will be hauled south in the navigation channel and disposed of at an approved site south of Morse Cove and North of Bluff Head.

The haul route to the disposal site will be within the buoyed navigation channel.  From the dredge site, vessel will proceed southerly 1.15 nm to Doubling Point and turn East/South for 0.6 nm along Fiddler’s Reach until the Doubling Point Range is reached.  The route then proceeds southerly for 1.0 nm along the range to the permitted disposal site located to the south of Morse Cove.  The vessels will follow the reciprocal route back to the dredge site.

A map showing the dredge area, haul route and disposal area is attached.  

For more information about this project contact Denis-Marc Nault at or (207) 592-0512

#1 Sinking Basin43⁰-54’-11” N069⁰-48’-32”W
#2 Doubling Pt43⁰-52’-52” N069⁰-48’-32”W
#3 Doubling Pt Range43⁰-52’-54” N069⁰-47’-44”W
#4 Disposal Site43⁰-51’-45” N069⁰-47’-43”W

We have been advised that lobster fishing gear DOES need to be moved.

Type of Equipment: 

  • Crane/clamshell bucket dredge on barge, with tugboat and small workboat in support.  Spoils barge for disposal activity.  See attached picture. 

Vessel Contact: 

  • Vessel name – FJ Belesimo 
  • Cashman Dredging
  • VHF Channel 13
  • Telephone:  (617) 890-0600
  • Email:

Shoreside Contact: 

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