2020 ME-NH Trawl Survey

from DMR notice 9/14/2020

The Maine-New Hampshire fall trawl survey is scheduled to begin in New Hampshire waters on September 21, working its way east to finish up about October 23 northeast of Cutler. 

As in the past, we ask that on the scheduled day of the tow, an area 1/8th mile on either side of the tow line be clear of fixed gear to avoid gear conflict. 

Latitude/Longitude and TD coordinates for tow locations (pair of dots with a line on the chart mark each tow) and schedules can be found at: https://www.maine.gov/dmr/science-research/projects/trawlsurvey/fl20/schedule.html

An interactive chart with location information for tows is available at https://www.maine.gov/dmr/science-research/projects/trawlsurvey/fl20/chart.html

Contact Information:

The best source of information is directly from the boat crew. You may hail them on either channel 16 or 13, and then switch to your preferred local working channel.

The crew cell phone is 207-557-5276. Cell phone service can be spotty at times, but messages can be left for the crew to return your call.

For more information, please call Rebecca Peters at the office 207-633-9530, or by cell 207-557-5276, or email Rebecca.J.Peters@maine.gov   

About the Survey:

The vessel used in the survey is a white fiberglass Northeast 54’, the F/V Robert Michael of Portland, captained by Rob Tetrault.

The survey is designed to provide information that has not been available to NOAA Fisheries Service for stock assessments. Obtaining this information is critical to making rational management decisions. The better information we have about ALL our fisheries resources, the better we can ensure a future for both fishermen and the resource.

More information on the trawl survey is available at https://www.maine.gov/dmr/science-research/projects/trawlsurvey/fl20/index.html

Fall 2020 Schedule

Select a day below to see a chart of the area (jpg files, size 409 kb to 1.5 MB), with tow locations, loran bearings, and latitude/longitude.  Note that loran coordinates in the table data inserted on the charts may be slightly off.    Interactive Chart here.

Region 1 — September 21 to 25 — New Hampshire to Saco Bay
Sorting the catchDay 1, tentatively September 21 — Hampton Beach to Isles of Shoals Day 2, tentatively September 22 — Cape Neddick out to Bigelow Bight Day 3, tentatively September 23 — Off Cape Porpoise to Off Richmond Island Day 4, tentatively September 24 — Bigelow Bight/ Tanta Ground Day 5, tentatively September 25 — Saco Bay
Region 2 — September 26 to September 30 — Casco Bay to Muscongus Bay
skateDay 6, tentatively September 26 — Casco Bay — Ram Island to Cape Small to Lower Goose Day 7, tentatively September 27 — Eastern Approach /Bigelow Bight Day 8, tentatively September 28 — Seguin Island/Seguin SSW Ledge Day 9, tentatively September 29 — Outer Kettle Day 10, tentatively September 30 — Thrumcap to Eastern Egg to Old Man Ledge
Region 3 — October 5 to 9 — Penobscot Bay Area
emptying the bagDay 11, tentatively October 5 — Mosquito Island to Owls Head Day 12, tentatively October 6 — Upper Penobscot Bay, Butter Island to Off Pulpit Hbr Day 13, tentatively October 7 — South and East of Haddock Ledge Day 14, tentatively October 8 — East of Matinicus, North of Skate Bank Day 15, tentatively October 9 — Isle au Haut Bay, Seal Island to off Stinson Pt.
Region 4 — October 12 to 16 — Isle Au Haut to Frenchman Bay
Sally measuringDay 16, tentatively October 12 — Grumpy Ledge to Great Spoon Ledge Day 17, tentatively October 13 — Jericho Bay and Blue Hill Bay to Little Duck Day 18, tentatively October 14 — S. of Great Duck and W. of Mount Desert Rock Day 19, tentatively October 15 — N and NW of of Inner Schoodic Ledge Day 20, tentatively October 16 — Frenchman Bay, S of Egg Rk to Deep Cove to Hancock Pt.
Region 5 —October 19 to 23 — Schoodic to Grand Manan Channel
the catchDay 21, tentatively October 19 — Bunkers Harbor to Pond Isl to W of Great Wass Day 22, tentatively October 20 — SSE off Tibbett Rock Day 23, tentatively October 21 — Head Hbr Island to Offshore Day 24, tentatively October 22 — Inside Cross Isl to Smith Reef to off Little River Day 25, tentatively October 23 — Grand Manan Channel Off Baileys Mistake to West Quoddy Head