Public Comment Regarding the Great Chebeague Island Navigation Improvement Project, Chebeague Island, Maine

Pursuant to 38 M.R.S. 480-D, sub-9, the Maine Department of Marine Resources (DMR) is required to provide the Maine Department of Environmental Protection with an assessment on the impacts on the fishing industry of a proposed dredging operation. The ACOE is proposing to dredge a 10-foot deep at mean lower low water (MLLW), by 1000-foot-wide channel extending about 1,600 feet southeasterly from deep water in Casco Bay to the town landing at the Stone Wharf. Only the upper 1,200 feet of the project will require dredging, with channel limits in the outer reach declared for jurisdictional purposes. This channel will be widened along the wharf to 150 feet to allow safe turning of the ferries. Shoreward of the channel a turning basin would be dredged to -8 feet MLLW by 100 feet wide to provide for barge access to the cargo ramp at the shore end of the wharf. Approximately 34,000 cubic yards (CY) of mixed gravel, sand, and silt will be removed from the proposed project area using a mechanical dredge. Construction will occur between October 1 and April 1 in the year in which funding becomes available and is expected to take three to four months to complete. The dredged material has been deemed suitable for open water disposal will be loaded onto scows and towed about 15 miles to the Portland Disposal Site (PDS), an EPA designated ocean placement site.

The Department of Marine Resources (DMR) will accept written comments about the potential impacts of the proposed dredging operation on fishing in the area to be dredged and on impacts to the fishing industry of the proposed route to transport dredge spoils to the Portland Disposal Site (PDS). Comments should be sent to Amanda Ellis at the email or mailing address listed below by June 11, 2021.

Amanda Ellis, Department of Marine Resources, 21 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333 email: .

For more information about this project please contact Denis-Marc Nault at: or (207) 592-0512.

A copy of this notice plus a map of the ACOE Haul Route is attached to this notice.

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