Film Screening & Discussion: “Dead in The Water”

April 8, 2018 @ 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Railroad Square Theatre
17 Railroad Square
Waterville, ME 04901

This Director’s screening includes a conversation with the Director and with  New England Fishermen after the show.

“In his sixth directorial effort, David Wittkower has given us a powerful, take-no-prisoners look at how NOAA’s oversight has driven New England’s commercial fishing industry onto the rocks. This is documentary in the true sense of the word — it documents, through historical context and the voices of numerous fishermen, advocates, politicians, and others, the all-but-inevitable results of nearly 25 years of misbegotten management.

If you believe New Englanders would be well served by a nuanced “on the one hand… on the other” film suggesting that NOAA’s heart was in the right place, but things just didn’t work out, this will not be to your liking. But if you have a hollow within you where the wharves of Gloucester and other New England ports once clattered and shouted — New Bedford having been saved by the scallop — and want an unsparing explanation of “How could this happen?” Wittkower shows you. And I mean “shows,” not “tells.” Wittkower is a filmmaker who understands imagery, and “Dead in the Water” is a montage of the vessels, faces, and voices of Gloucester and environs accompanied by a haunting score, with lyrics.”

quoted from review in national Fishermen

You can view a trailer of “Dead in the Water” online

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