MCCF Lunch and Learn Webinar

February 26, 2021 @ 12:30 pm

Join us on Friday, February 26 at 12:30pm for “The Sweet and Salty of Maine’s Sea Scallop Fishery.” This free, one-hour, virtual event dives into one of the state’s winter fisheries. Maine’s Sea Scallop fishery is a modern day success story as landings have rebounded in recent years with an estimated landed value of $4.5M in 2019. During this webinar, we’ll hear about the current status of the science, policy and markets for the fishery and its prospects for the future.

Topic: Lunch & Learn Series: The Sweet and Salty of Maine’s Sea Scallop Fishery

Moderator: Dr. Carla Guenther – Chief Scientist, MCCF


-David Tarr (FV Tarr Baby) – Scallop dragger and diver, Scallop Advisory Council member
-Melissa Smith – Resource Management Coordinator, Maine DMR
-Amber Lisi – Scallop Biologist, Maine DMR
-Togue Brawn – Maine Dayboat Scallops


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