NEFMC Scallop Research Share Day/ Plan Development Team Meeting


•Overview of the 2021 Scallop RSA Awards.

Scallop Researcherswill provide a summary of their researchScallop Plan Development Team (PDT)and interested parties. This is an opportunity for recipients of Scallop RSA awards to share findings with fishery managers, and to hear from other researchers who are conducting studies on topics that have been identified as RSA research priorities.This meeting is not a formal review of the methods or results of these projects. Instead, it is an overview to better inform scallop managersof current research status and help identify future research priority recommendations.

Other business may be discussed, as necessary.


Online Access

This meeting will be broadcast online via GoToWebinar.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: Preregistration is recommended.

Use VoIP with a microphone and speakers for audio a headset is recommended.


Call In Information

Phone: +1 (562) 2478321/ Access Code: 415753341

Please note that this is not a tollfree number.You will receive an individual, personalized PIN that you must enter when you call in, in order to be heard and raise your hand.**Please be sure to mute your phone upon joining the call so that there will be no interference with the discussion.**


Public Participation

The Council is making every effort to allow members of the public to remotely participate in the meeting.Individuals are encouraged to submit written comments ahead of time, but, at the discretion of the Chair, public comments also will be allowed during certain portions of the webinar. Please refer to the “Remote Participation” guide for instructions on how to take part in the webinar meeting. Note that you must register for the webinar if you plan to provide oral comments. Those who callin by telephone without registering for the webinar and entering the PIN provided will be in listenonly mode.

The New England Fishery Management Council generally posts announcements of Plan Develop Team (PDT) meetings on the Council’s website, occasionally with very little notice. An agenda may or may not be included. Team members may discuss topics, if listed, in any order or add other issues not contained in the meeting notice. Members of the public may attend PDT meetings, or listen in if the meetings are broadcast, but should not expect to participate unless the PDT chair invites input. Public comments and questions will not be taken during PDT conference calls. PDTs are responsible to the Council and work on technical analyses as directed by their oversight committee. Once complete, PDT work products are reviewed at oversight committee meetings to which the public is invited. It is at this point that comments are encouraged on a range of issues, including PDT reports and recommendations, proposed management options or other information that is relevant to the committee’s business at that time. The committee, in turn, makes management recommendations to the full Council based on the full suite of information it has available to it.


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