NOAA NEFSC Fishery Management Strategy Review

April 30, 2018 – May 4, 2018 all-day
NEFSC Woods Hole Laboratory
Albatross St
Falmouth, MA 02543

The New England Fisheries Management Council is exploring options for ecosystem-based fishery management. As part of that process, the council requested a peer review of a proposed management procedure, including the models used to test that procedure. An ecosystem-based approach to management would allow a variety of factors — from fishery stock status to ecosystem conditions to human dimensions — to be considered in developing fishery management decisions.

During this meeting information on the structure and function of the Georges Bank ecosystem, the proposed management procedure, and models used to test that procedure will be presented to external peer reviewers. The reviewers will evaluate simulation studies conducted to assess the performance of the proposed management procedure as well as the data to support such a procedure. The results will help shape the way forward for the council as it explores use of fishery ecosystem plans for the Northeast

For more information, please contact Robert Gamble 508 495 2202.

Information and Details will posted as they become available.

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