1960s: MLA persuaded politicians that lobster traps are the only gear that should catch lobsters and draggers were kept out.
1970s: MLA convinced Congress to pass a law saving Maine lobstermen thousands of dollars each year by not paying payroll taxes on                    sternmen.
1980s: MLA fought to keep draggers out of the fishery, again, and convinced managers to accept Maine’s core conservation practices of                v-notching, maximum 5”, and minimum 3 ¼” gauges.
1990s: MLA fought to prevent unlimited dragging of lobsters in offshore waters outside of Maine through the 100 per day, 500 per trip                     limits.
2000s: MLA fought for a stable bait supply by protecting the inshore herring fishery and developing new research to measure the size of              the herring stock.
2010s: MLA pushed for an area based approach to Whale rules keeping 70% of Maine waters exempt from the Federal Whale rules. MLA               continued to fight to keep draggers out of lobster and for smart management of herring and menhaden.

The MLA currently works on a variety of issues, including lobster management (Atlantic States Marine Fisheries CommissionMaine LegislatureDMR Rule-Making), bait (herring at NEFMC; herring at ASMFC), habitat (management at NEFMC), deep sea coral management (Coral Amendment at NEFMC), and dredging (Maine Dredging Proposals).


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